24: Clubhouse introduces music mode

Twitter is doubling down on search, rolling out the discoverability tab and adding topic tagging. While Clubhouse is focussing on audio with the launch of its new music mode.

Links mentioned during the show...

Topic tagging rolled out on Twitter https://twitter.com/BigTentSocial/status/1448939193594417153

New analytics tool for Twitter Spaces ilo

Clubhouse makes a song and dance over music mode

@juberti shares top   tips for connecting external sound sources to Clubhouse

Latest news from Clubhouse on music mode and search

Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison speaks to Bloomberg about the future and past of Clubhouse

AllThingsAudio Twitter Moment > https://twitter.com/i/events/1450910074650693634


Last week we spoke about the features we would like to see added to Twitter Spaces. Check out that episode here > https://www.spreaker.com/episode/46987642


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