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The ebook cover shows smiling people using smartphones and earbuds. The book title is getting started with Twitter Spaces and the author is Madalyn Sklar.

Having been a Twitter Spaces beta tester, I want to share some tips to help you get started - whether you've never even been inside Spaces or you're eager to try out hosting your own room. In this FREE guide, you'll learn what Twitter Spaces is all about, how it works, and whether you should even be spending time on it.

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Woman smiles looking down at the smartphone she holds in both hands. Social media icons floating up from the phone represent numbers of likes, followers, comments, etcetera.
Madalyn smiles and holds up her left arm covered with tattoos.

Hey there! I'm Madalyn Sklar. I started using Twitter Spaces as a beta tester in February 2021. My digital marketing career started in 1996, and I am known as the tattoo-wearing social media evangelist.


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